1. Lazhar Ichir

    lol WeBlow, that must come from a non-english-speaking developer……… has to….. seriously…..


  2. Miroslav Glavic

    good thing they didn’t get a .jobs domain


  3. Joseph Dickson

    Domains are great business, especially since cyber squatters never give up an address once they’ve stolen it.


    • Laura Brown

      I don’t know what they still hope to gain. There are so many choices in domains now, it’s easy to pick the domain you want and give it a .somethingelse. There doesn’t seem to be as much snobbiness about having a .com domain these days. I prefer my .ca domains but the .com’s cost less (for now).


      • Miroslav Glavic

        I first bought .ca for my domain, then a minute later I added the .com and went with the purchase. 2 years or so later I got the .net and .org.

        I think everyone should get their domain.com, domain.org, domian.net and domain.CCTLD (in my situation .ca). I noticed .us is more popular for domain hacks than for Americans. Yet .ca is way more popular among Canadians.


    • Ron

      You sound bitter? Did someone “steal” your domain?


  4. John Teague

    Save a ton of work on updating support forum to 2.0 by archiving and ridding the web of years of forum posts that long ago ceased any useful purpose, and that which only pollutes and confuses users into applying solutions that often do far more harm than good.

    Personally, I wouldn’t use bbPress at all. A Siteground version would be infinitely better. But Matt would never allow it.


  5. Howdy_McGee

    Haha, that’s me with the Wapuu tattoo! Luckily it’s temporary. Our company was handing them out as sponsorship swag for WordCamp St. Louis 2016. Figured we would try something different than traditional handouts like pens and such :)


  6. Vitor Madeira

    Is the tavern closed?
    Last post was on may the 20th… It is now the 26th…

    Hope there’s nothing wrong with the beer or the wine that is taking so long…


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