1. Emil Uzelac

    That is huge. Congrats!


  2. Ben Fox

    Here here! A rising tide lifts all boats. With Chris, Alex and Karim steaming full-speed ahead the entire community will benefit. WordPress will grow stronger at it’s core and allow the “Edge” users more choice and higher quality products.


  3. christopher

    congrats, we have been using crowdfavourites suite of premium products for years now, happy customers all around


  4. chrislema

    Thanks Jeff for the kind words. I appreciate it. Looking forward to the next Late Night G+ Hangout!


    • Jeff Chandler

      Hey Chris, thanks for the shout out during the interview and I see I’ve left a lasting impression on you. With that said, this is the first time that I’ve really understood the circumstances that in many ways, lead to my remark of you seemingly coming out of nowhere. I am also impressed that you a fully aware of the things, timing, and other factors that helped contribute to your leadership in the WP community.

      As I mentioned in the post, what really struck home to me was when you discussed your time and experience in the product sector and the relationship between that kind of content on your blog to the youth of the WordPress product market. It’s almost as if the stars aligned. I didn’t think you would end up going with one specific WordPress company but Crowd Favorite is a dang good choice.

      I’m curious to know, are you still going to give advice, help out other companies and businesses with their products and services now that you’re employed by Crowd Favorite?


      • Karim Marucchi

        Hi Jeff,

        As CEO of Crowd Favorite I think I can answer it from my POV. This is something we’ve spent a lot of time talking about with Chris. We actually want him to keep doing what he’s been doing with his blog, with his speaking, and with his coaching. Because the sector we target is different enough from many others, we’re thrilled to support his efforts educating and coaching WordPress companies. Like Ben said above, a rising tide lifts all boats.

        Chris has worked with companies that look like competitors – folks like iThemes and WooThemes – and figured out how to help each without sharing proprietary information. We’re not worried about that. What we know is that many WordPress companies contribute back to the ecosystem. Some donate resources to write documentation. Others focus resources on contributing to core. We are excited to contribute Chris back to our community to help it in every way he knows how.


  5. J.Duncan - Paperless Creations

    Wow that is awesome! Congrats to Chris!

    Looking forward to the fruits of this.


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