Crowd Favorite Acquired By VeloMedia

Crowd favorite is reporting that Crowd Favorite, the WordPress consultancy company created by Alex King has been acquired by VeloMedia. VeloMedia much like Crowd Favorite does most of its business within the enterprise sector. According to the report, Alex King will be the CTO of the company while Karim Marucchi will remain the CEO. In response to the acquisition, Alex King had this to say:

I’m really excited to be joining forces with VeloMedia. I feel the culture and focus on craftsmanship at Crowd Favorite is special, and was thrilled to find that VeloMedia shares our values. We look forward to a continued focus on development excellence, employee culture and, most importantly, top notch service for our clients.

Congratulations to Alex King and Crowd Favorite on being acquired. I hope this move allows Alex to continue doing what he loves with WordPress. This is one of the first major WordPress consultancy acquisitions in the WordPress community and it certainly won’t be the last.

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  1. It is surprising that there hasn’t been more consolidation within the WordPress community, especially at the enterprise-level end of the market and you are correct in that this cerainly wont be the last !


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