1. Agbonghama Collins

    I pray God grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss.

    So sad to see him go. He indeed was one of WordPress pillars.

    May his soul rest in peace. *sad*


  2. Anh Tran

    So sad to read this news. I remember his Popularity plugin, which was used in all my sites. His WordPress framework is also very inspiring for all WordPress developers like me.


  3. Erlend Sogge Heggen

    Code he wrote, blogposts he authored and mockups that he designed genuinely inspired me. I never met him, but I’ve long known Alex King as someone who had mastered his craft and eagerly passed on his knowledge to whoever was willing to learn.

    I’m a complete stranger to Alex King, yet I feel genuine sadness today, because his immense efforts as an open source contributor reached so far and wide that it permanently impacted me, *some guy* half-way across the world. Thanks Alex.

    He left the world better than he found it.


    • Jason Lemieux

      That’s beautiful, Erlend. No truer words could be written about Alex King as far as i’m concerned.

      …Someone who had mastered his craft and eagerly passed on his knowledge to whoever was willing to learn.

      He left the world better than he found it.

      May we all strive for the same in our own lives. RIP, Alex.


    • Alec Kinnear

      Alex King was a brilliant coder and a generous spirit. Back in December 2006, he helped Foliovision get started with good Typepad to WordPress conversions, including tips on SEO. This was our first foray into public services and pure web development.

      Over the years Alex has helped dozens of other studios start. A model open source citizen, giving a huge amount of code back to the world. Would that we who are left could match the generous spirits of early WordPress.

      Thank you Alex for making a better world. Journey in peace.


  4. Stefano

    This is a sad, sad news :-(
    I never met him, but since WordPress 1.5 (when I started using WP professionally) I always found Alex’s ideas, code, knowledge immensely useful and offered in a very friendly way.

    I’m not good at all with my English, but I want to let know to his wife, his daughter and all this family that Alex contributed to mak e this world a better world.

    I’ll pray for him and all of his family :-(



  5. chris frerecks

    Very sad about this news.

    Early on and before it had broad use, we needed support with what is a WP multi- user installation. It wasn’t easy to find folks who had the knowledge & ability back then.

    Alex did, he helped us solve a difficult problem and we’ve followed him ever since.

    May he Rest In Peace.



  6. Ryan Hellyer

    Even though I knew this was coming for a very long time, and even though I didn’t know him personally, this is still very sad. Every few weeks I stumble across something which has his name on it, which will be a reminder of a man who had a deep and long lasting impact on the world around him. As Erlend said above, the world is a better place due to his brief time on it, and I think that is a wonderful legacy to leave.


  7. Dominykas

    Very sad news. Rest in Peace, King.


  8. Andy M.

    Never had the pleasure of meeting Alex in person, but his writing was a fundamental part of how I learned to build themes for WordPress. And if it wasn’t for his helpful work as a starting point, I wouldn’t have learned more about web development later on.

    We lost a pillar of the community this week. RIP Alex. Thank you for everything.


  9. Danny Brown

    Man, this is sad news. I think Crowd Favourite’s Carrington was one of the very first designs I used on my blog back in the day, and any time I think of what WordPress has done for me, Alex is one of the names that pop up.

    He left one heck of a legacy. Warmest thoughts and sincerest condolences to his family.


  10. gilmourmiles

    RIP Alex, you certainly touched many lives for the better.


  11. suifengtec

    Alex, Rest in peace. God bless you and your family.


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