1. Jason Cosper

    Thanks for the shout out, Jeff!


  2. Andreas Nurbo

    Thats no singapuu thats a super saipuu 4.


  3. Paul Dahlen

    Thanks for the link to the Automaticc creed. While I was going through the comments at the end of Matt’s blog, I read one comment that claimed having the creed at the top of the signature block of an offer letter to be Orwellian. Matt’s reply was that they weren’t forced to sign it, but he wanted them to know what kind of environment they were entering into should they sign. I thought that to be a fair point. What I wished I could have commented, but couldn’t because the blog was 5 years old and closed (why IS there a time limit on ideas?), is perhaps to instead have the candidate write their own creed as part of the application process to see if the applicant’s way of thinking adheres to the company’s. The applicant could then sign under his/her own creed that the company has accepted during the application review. Seems like this would address the ‘Orwellian’ perception while making the adoption of a creed at acceptance signing much more sincere.


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