1. Jason Lemieux

    It’s great to see more and more sites moving to SSL but, it’s true, it can cause connection issues to services which are expecting to connect to you over a non-ssl connection. The same is true if you were to change your url.

    We’ve had a large number of sites in our network switching to SSL in recent weeks so I went ahead and put up a support document on our site to help with the transition.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    That YouTube problem is most definitely a mixed content problem.


  3. Ron

    You might want to check the bit about new articles not appearing in WordPress News in the WP Admin. :(


  4. Marcus Tibesar

    When turning on SSL on our site I had to revise some custom links in the menus and some URLs in the widgets to ensure paths were set to https.


  5. Eric

    How did you address mixed content for embedded URL paths on old posts?


  6. Ron


    New Tavern posts are not appearing in the WP Admin.

    Is this a known issue?


    • Jeffr0

      Thanks for the report. I confirmed the issue and reported it to our tech team. Apparently, the feed URL got disconnected to the Planet which may or may not have something to do with the switch to SSL. It should be hooked back up to the correct feed url soon.


  7. Brandon Kraft

    The issue in Jetpack with sites that terminate SSL on the edge requiring that constant is being worked on with a patch in testing stage too. Hopefully won’t be a problem in the relatively near future.


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