1. Ryan Hellyer

    A select box/dropdown would explode on sites with lots of users. Plus, you may want to select more than one user. So IMHO a multiselect box, which displayed a search field when too many users are present, would be best there (similar to how the menu system handles an excessive number of pages).


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    I haven’t looked a the code, but if they’re stored as posts within WordPress rather than just sent out, then it might be straightforward to hook into it and allow for scheduled emails (via the scheduled post functionality in WordPress).


  3. Mitchell Miller

    Hello Jeff:
    Thank you for reviewing my plugin.

    I would have to raise minimum role to administrator to include a select populated with blog’s users.

    But it’s a good idea :)

    Best wishes,


  4. mitchellmiller

    I updated plugin, added user lists. As Ryan mentioned, a list is not helpful on sites with many users. I will try to improve this in a future version.



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