1. Sean Burdick

    So is Gutenberg basically becoming WP’s answer to Visual Composer?


  2. Vitor Madeira

    Sarah, there is a tiny typo in the beginning of the 3rd paragraph. The actual version is 0.3.0 and not 3.0.


  3. PeterV

    As a developer of websites for clients, I have a huge concern over the functionality being added here. For blog posters, there’s no doubt that Gutenberg will be a boon, but for the websites that I develop, it will be hugely detrimental to have my clients adding all sorts of layout options to areas of the page that, in order to remain consistent to the design and functionality which I have developed for them, shouldn’t have.

    If the various components of Gutenberg can be managed by me then it won’t be a problem – I’m thinking to have a filter or action that I can use to turn off, for example, the full-width content blocks, or multi-column blocks. Even better would be to disable the whole thing and revert back to the simple text editor. At the moment, I’m not a fan!


    • Debbie

      Even better would be to disable the whole thing and revert back to the simple text editor. At the moment, I’m not a fan!

      Agree completely – for my clients and their custom themes I’ve designed and built, having free rein to change the layouts in areas of pages and posts will negate the consistency of design throughout the site.

      Some of my clients have used VC in the past then later regretted it, but others have never touched anything similar to it. Putting that kind of power into their hands to experiment with will give them the ability to quickly make a big mess of their sites. Then they’ll wonder “why it doesn’t look right anymore” and want to know how fast I can fix it for them.


    • David

      I have exactly the same feelings about this.

      When at launch “Gutenberg” is not ready for primetime I assume that we’ll see a further rise of page builders.

      I am currently very happy with Elementor. I would not need something like Gutenberg at the moment. The regular “simple” Editor plus something like Elementor (which is optional of course) is perfectly fine and totally enough.

      To have Gutenberg the breakthrough thing, Matt & some others are hoping, would mean it’s superfast like “boom!”, it’s fully visual (on the frontend also!) and it respects the existing plugins. All of this I cannot see at the moment, and cannot imagine how a launch with 5.0 should happen at all (given, that WP 5.0 will be in a few months already…).

      And the last thing is the name, “Gutenberg”. This name stands for the revolution of printing books. I cannot see the WP’s “Gutenberg” be the same thing for WP (yet).

      Sad but true.


  4. Dean

    If WordPress doesn’t supply an option to hamstring Gutenberg and keep things as they are… Then somebody else will.


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