1. Mahdi

    I don’t like the “Gutenberg ready theme” label you hear a lot these days. You see, any theme will and should work with the new editor out of the box anyway.


    • Anh Tran

      At least it means the old themes doesn’t support this new editor.


    • Andre

      The label helps users right now know a theme supports Gutenberg. Perhaps sometime later in the future to make it that all themes are supportive might work in theory…. but were are talking about 10’s of 1000’s if themes. Remember too that Gutenberg is not officially released yet


    • David Artiss

      any theme will and should work with the new editor out of the box anyway

      Sadly, some editors add extra components to the editor, which may not be supported under Gutenberg. However, for most themes, that probably is true.

      However, there can be more to a theme being “Gutenberg compatible”. For example, supporting the wide and full width image/embed option. Unfortunately, many developers are simply using this badge to indicate that it just generally works with the editor.

      My hope is that after its release into Core, there will be more standards over what “Gutenberg compatible” actually means.


  2. Guido

    At last I’ve found a reason to retire my (outdated) themes on wp dot org… don’t have time to learn about blocks, nor the knowledge. It’s time to move on and to focus on something else ;-)


  3. Blanja Herbal

    no effect on me, because I don’t use gutenberg


  4. Matthew Harris

    Nice idea but there is absolutely no way that the name Gutenberg will disappear, especially if the official alternative is calling it “the editor”.

    You can’t search for “the editor” in Google as its too vague. It’s not clear to the millions of existing users if by “the editor” the writer means the original editor or the new editor so every article would have to say “the editor” and then say “you know, the Gutenberg ‘the editor’ editor”.

    I can’t see it happening. It would be stupid of them to try to force it. Gutenberg is a great, unique, name and it lets people embrace it and discuss it and advertise it easily.


    • Aivaras Stankevicius

      I do agree, Gutenberg is a product name, like TinyMCE, Wysiwyg and etc., it’s a unique type of editor, that doesn’t just work anywhere, but on the platforms that support it only.


  5. Malek K.

    Wait for it … it won’t be long you will find themes over there with 1 million custom Gutenberg blocks, all integrated into those themes of course … LOL!

    It was the same with the build in short codes, build in sliders and every other way imaginable to mix up content & design (what a CMS should save you from).


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