1. Anh Tran

    I’m a big fan of Anders Norén’s themes. Beautiful and clean. Glad to see him updated all the themes for Gutenberg.


  2. Sujay Pawar

    I’m one of the developers of the Astra theme. Gutenberg is the future and we are very excited about it.

    We hope more theme and plugin authors will add support for Gutenberg.


  3. Dave Porter

    Generate Press is also a great theme that the author has done a lot of Gutenberg work on!


    • Samuel

      Yeah, and there’s more to be expected. Soon GP 2.2 comes out. I changed from Studiopress to Generatepress. Faster, more flexible and suitable for Gutenberg. I’m just thrilled…


    • Dare

      I am sure Studiopress developers are taking their time because Gutenberg isn’t “ready.”


  4. Ionut

    Thanks for mentioning us Sarah! Zerif Lite as well as other major themes developed would get Gutenberg support, last week we released as well our own block collection: https://wordpress.org/plugins/otter-blocks/, which would hopefully allow us to offer “site demos” powered by Gutenberg in the near future, once the editor get’s better at this.


  5. Xpresso

    How can any theme be Gutenberg ready when Gutenberg itself isn’t ready?


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