1. Jeremy Clarke

    Geeze, a whole API system and a bunch of requests whenever you publish a post, then probably no one looking at the result.

    Do me/us a favor and add a comment some day when you check your Apple News stats and let us know how the traffic stacks up to other sources :)


    • Jeff Chandler

      I plan on looking at the analytics dashboard that’s available to publishers and will include the information in a follow up post. I’m curious to see how many subscribers we have after 2 weeks.


  2. Chris Aprea

    Hmm, the Tavern doesn’t seem to be working for me in Apple News. I’ve added it to my favourites but when I click WP Tavern in my list I get a “No Stories” message.


    • Jeffr0

      Yeah, I need to get at least one post reviewed and published through the system before the rest of the posts publish automatically.


  3. Francis Nwokike

    Is this also applicable to users in Africa, Nigeria precisely. I am asking because of the address requirement.

    I’m also curious about the monetization of contents as most platforms like this from the USA use PayPal which does not still pay most African publishers. We can only make payment with PayPal but cannot receive.


  4. Wei Meng

    The plugin does not seem to be available on sites hosted on wordpress.com. Any idea how to publish to Apple News if a site is hosted on wordpress.com? Thanks.


  5. M

    Our company runs a large media and content network in Asia and some of our news sites have been part of the program since last year. In general, we have been very displeased with Apple’s customer support, their help info, and many other things. We’re big Apple fans, but we see how they truly are a hardware company with some light dashes of software ability. We continue to be disappointed and frustrated.

    I think they should have fixed all the issues they have with their current system with current publishers before compounding their problems with a new service. But, hey, this is Apple and ultimately we will all continue to bite into their fruit.


  6. Alexandra Wolfe

    Living north of the dotted line, here in Canada, we are not privy to any of this. Apple News is not available, nor can we publish to it. All rather pointless if you ask me.


    • Jeremy Clarke

      Maybe this is why I find the whole thing so inscrutible. Is there supposed to be an app I can download and it’s just not in the Canadian app store?

      The good news is when we fail to implement this nothing bad will happen :P (unlike those damn facebook IA, which we’ll start hearing complaints about not having as soon as users see other small outlets using them).


  7. PPNSteve

    We also had a few sites approved for Apple News. The wait for initial approval was pretty long nut at least Apple responded to the requests unlike Google News. We’re also at the waiting for first article to be approved, so we wish you guys the best there.

    The multiple approval hoops you have to jump through is pretty annoying and may turn some webmasters / bloggers off.. but I figure it’s power for the course.


  8. Jeffr0

    After nearly a week, content I submitted from the site to Apple News Publisher has yet to be approved and show up within the app. I published a new post today from Apple News and it says Pending Approval. Maybe after that one is approved, the other content will follow. I still don’t see the content I submitted from WordPress in the Drafts From CMS portion of Apple News Publisher. This has me concerned. Hoping things start working within the next day or two.


    • Markus

      The plugin is buggy as heck for me. And support is terrible.
      Are there any other options out there?

      Also, have you been approved yet? I wonder about reach/stats.


  9. D.B.H.

    I used the plugin but soon started to get an error message stating “WRONG SIGNATURE”. Then Apple sent back a notice saying there was content missing.

    I’ve disabled the plug in as others have said they are getting the same error message,


  10. Curt

    Yeah, it takes a while for Apple News to approve that first article, but once it’s approved, the rest will automatically be published. It was interesting since it took a couple weeks to get approved in Apple News and then another full week once the first article was sent over.

    I will say Apple News format is way way way easier to deal with than Google’s AMP which is turning into a nightmare for many news publishers. Thankfully Apple understands customer service way better than the Big G ever will.

    The Apple News plugin takes all the work out and makes for a much easier user experience. It will be interesting to see how long most people have to wait for the published article approval process as I’m sure Apple has been inundated the past week.


  11. Jennifer

    I signed up for a news channel, but when I went to monetize my news channel, it says it costs $99.00 per year to sign up for an Apple Developer Program account.

    Would a small blogger really make more than a hundred dollars a year through ads to negate this cost, or did I try to sign up in the wrong place?


  12. Jeremy

    Seems like there is some ways to go before investing too much time in the platform, thanks for documenting it so far. I tried out the news app on iphone for a couple of days after it first launched for Au and then just went back to using bookmarked fav to keep up to date with news thereafter. I wonder how many of the users apple claims have even opened the app in the last month. The approval process seems a bit like getting a podcast approved, unknown amount of time, not particularly transparent but at least there is a lot of people who use the podcast app. Will be interesting to see what sort of readership wptavern gets once in apple news.


    • Jeremy Clarke

      In a world where no one can be bothered to use RSS (which has all the important properties of AMP/IA/ANP inherently) I have trouble imagining anyone with bother with an Apple app that just does RSS but with even less publishers. If you like a publisher that much and don’t mind their ads why wouldn’t you just use their app/site?

      Definitely think IA makes more sense since at least people are already using Facebook, so you’re optimizing for what they already do.


  13. Marty Kassowitz

    Just got one of my sites, CarswithCords.com, approved in Apple News and article publishing approved. It’s cool, but there are some holes in the system. Currently, Apple News sees block quotes, but there is no hook in the plugin to control their format, so they are ugly blocks of all caps bold text. The only video format in an article that does not generate an error message is Youtube, but the videos, if they appear at all, are just a static image. Vimeo and Facebook video embeds generate an error message that threatens deletion from the Apple end.


  14. Eli

    I added a site via Squarespace and WordPress at the same time, and the Squarespace one got authorised instantly while the WordPress one (joshua-s.com) got authorised a week later. Also takes longer to get the draft posts approved too; I’m guessing this has something to do with the API appropriation, but initial experiences suggest that the Squarespace model is more solid.


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