1. Peter Knight

    Yes let’s reward these monopolistic platforms by bending to their will and having them become even more powerful gatekeepers and let them tell us how we’re supposed to offer our content to them.


  2. Brin

    So is this something the Tavern will be implementing? Just curious… :)


  3. Danny Brown

    There’s also PageFrog’s plugin, that offers both Google AMP and Facebook Instant, as well as support for Apple News. It also lets you connect analytics and your ad accounts.

    I’m currently using it for AMP and it was a cinch to set up. Looking forward to trying out the FBIA setting next month.


  4. Murray Anderson-Clemence

    Obviously this will keep users on Facebook. In the long run will this help my client acheive better exposure and more people following his news platform?



  5. Milton Ayala

    Thanks Sarah,

    I agree this is not for everybody. for me the main issues are censorship and traffic.


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