1. r109

    That’s actually not a bad idea. I use to use the Adobe Air app called Snippley to organize all my Theme Options functionality. The downside to that is risk of losing all your data in a drive failure. I’ve moved most of my snippets over to github and placed private repos on Bitbucket.

    I’ve been dabbling with the idea of just having 1 repo with all my code snippets in them.


  2. Chuck Reynolds

    Yup I’ve seen this grow and it’s a great idea.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    This looks like an excellent idea. Thanks for sharing it. It might be a good idea for other projects to do the same. I particularly like that Pippin maintains some control over what code is included; that will give people a lot more trust in anything found on there and avoid having to wade through a lot of broken code just to find something which does what they need.

    I’m always hunting through folders for code snippets I’ve written previously, so I’ve started adding them to my website lately to make them easier to find for myself, but hopefully others may find them useful too … https://geek.hellyer.kiwi/tools/


  4. Coen Jacobs (@CoenJacobs)

    This reminds me of what the MIT railroad club used to do with their code/programs on paper (yes, I’m reading the book currently). Really clever idea and I hope more plugin and theme vendors follow suit.


  5. jtsternberg

    Thanks for the inspiration Pippin and team. CMB2 now has its own snippet library!


  6. Benjamin Intal

    That’s really not a bad idea at all! Our team is in the baby steps of growing and right now we have a bunch of snippets that we share with each other. We have no problems with sharing it with others, we’re totally okay with that, but I didn’t think that it may be beneficial as well.


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