1. Rum FaLaLa (@modemlooper)

    I’ve tried a bunch of these plugins and this one is the most proper way to do this.


  2. Nick Haskins

    I’ve been utilizing and recc Code Snippets for quite some time now.


    With 50K downloads and and average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars it’s pretty epic.


  3. Piet

    Although perhaps suitable on some sites, I think hosting a Code Snippets library on Github makes a lot more sense to most use cases.
    I have one there which is open to contributions and forking: https://github.com/senlin/Code-Snippets


  4. Amanda

    This looks great. I’ve been looking towards organizing and hosting my code in 2015, and this looks like a pretty nice way of doing it. Thanks Justin and Sarah for bringing it to our attention.


  5. Tim

    Like Piet I’m a fan of Github for snippets. I use a private repo to store and sync Sublime Text snippets across my machines, private Gists to share with coworkers and public Gists to share/embed code in blogposts.


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