1. Keith Davis

    “The core plugin is approaching half a million downloads…”
    Now that is what I call success – nice one Pippin and well deserved.


  2. Jeff Chandler

    Great story and Pippin obviously gets and understands Open Source. I love the philosophies he lays out. EDD is a fine example of an open source project that is turning into a successful business for not only himself, but for those that are investing in the project.

    He mentions that if he could go back in time, he’s make an architectural change that right now, the team is constantly finding ways to move forward despite it. I wonder if there are plans to at some point, leave EDD as it is as a legacy version and fork over whatever code will work on the new version that can scale well.

    It just seems like he knows of a point in EDD’s development where it’s going to be inevitable to fork or somehow make the change. At what point does the effort involved in jerry rigging things outweigh the benefits of staying the course?


    • Pippin Williamson

      Thanks Jeff!

      Will we need to fork or abandoned the current version in order to make the structural changes we’d like to make? No. We have an absolute and unwavering commitment to backwards compatibility, and that means working through the challenges caused by previous decisions in a way that does not leave a single user behind.

      We are 100% confident that we can make the necessary changes over the next couple of years and have already proved it’s possible. In EDD v2.1, we introduced the first of the structural changes and included upgrade routines that successfully upgraded hundreds of thousands (or perhaps) millions of customer records to a new database schema. In total, we are aware of perhaps 1-3 sites that had an issue with the upgrade routine, and those were easy to resolve.

      When you take the time to properly plan out changes and dedicate yourself to finding a way to maintain backwards compatibility, awesome things can happen.


  3. Sami Keijonen

    I can underline every tip Pippin mention. He and his team are really nice to new people also. That and unbelievable talent makes them stand out in the most positive way.


  4. Kevin Michael Gray

    So excited for Pippin, Dan, Andrew and the rest of EDD guys. The way they give back to the community is absolutely inspiring! Quite possibly the nicest people on the planet.


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