WPWeekly Episode 158 – Interview With Pippin Willamson Of Easy Digital Downloads

Pippin Williamson of Easy Digital Downloads joined Marcus Couch and I to discuss a variety of topics. Williamson tells his story of how he got involved with WordPress. Later in the show, we discuss what it’s like to be a remote worker. Williamson tells us which tools he uses for project management and how important it is for him to have a disciplined routine.

As a volunteer moderator of the WordPress.org plugin directory, he’s seen his fair share of plugin submissions. He tells us which types of plugins are automatically rejected and what it’s like being a gatekeeper for the plugin directory.

Stories Discussed:

WP Site Care Acquires Audit WP
New WordPress Plugin Spell Checks Post Titles Before Publishing

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

HTML5 Slideshow Presentations – With this plugin, you’ll be able to create a presentation in no time using WordPress’ familiar built-in toolset and the best part is, you won’t need to upload to slideshare when you’re done! You host your own presentations allowing you to share or present them at anytime.

Sidebar Automizer – This little plugin will remove the last widget or widgets from the sidebar if the content area height is smaller than the height of the sidebar area.

Update from Bottom – This plug shows two extra buttons (Scroll to top and Publish/Update) in the bottom of the screen when a user scrolls near the bottom of the site. Suitable for posts and pages with a lot of meta boxes or when edit.php just tends to get very long.

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Next Episode: Wednesday, August 20th 9:30 P.M. Eastern

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