Nikhil Vimal Acquires Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugin From Pippin Williamson

Nikhil Vimal, who runs, a WordPress development agency, is the new owner of the Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugin created by Pippin Williamson. Earlier this month, Williamson put the plugin up for sale and noted that it needed some development work.

The plugin was created in December of 2011, when Williamson published a tutorial that explains how to create custom front end registration and login forms for WordPress. Although Vimal is participating in the commercial plugin space by selling a Slack add-on for Ninja Forms, this acquisition marks the first plugin sold directly from his site.

With the acquisition, Williamson notes that existing customers will no longer be able to renew license keys on A complete customer list was given to Vimal and Williamson is no long providing support.

When the opportunity presented itself to adopt a plugin created by Williamson, Vimal jumped on it, “Shortly after I saw his tweet, I quickly contacted Pippin. His work is something I’ve always looked up to. His work on plugins has inspired me to pursue the plugin/product market,” Vimal said.

Licenses start at $10 for single sites, $20 for two to five sites, and $35 for an unlimited number of sites. Vimal says that he is working on a new version with changes in design, functionality, and more. The plugin will also receive its own dedicated site with a change in branding.

It will be interesting to see what changes Vimal has in store for the plugin. Until then, existing customers from should watch their inbox for details on renewing their subscription to


3 responses to “Nikhil Vimal Acquires Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugin From Pippin Williamson”

  1. I appreciate all the work Pippin and WP tavern is doing for the wp ecosphere but personally i do not think it is interesting for the masses to mention the sale of every tiny little plugin he ever developed. This post feels like one to fill a news low;-) jm2c

    However, i wish Techvoltz success with the aquisition!


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