New WordPress Plugin Spell Checks Post Titles Before Publishing

Have you ever published a post in WordPress only to realize the title has a misspelled word? Sure, a quick edit will do the trick but wouldn’t it be nice if the misspelling was caught before the post went live? WordPress doesn’t spell check post titles but you can change that with a new plugin called Post Title Spell Check, developed by Robert Neu and Brady Vercher.

Post Title Spell Checking Plugin
Yep, It Works

It’s a simple plugin that adds a small bit of code to the WordPress title input field. Activating the plugin allows all post types which support the default WordPress title input field to be spell checked by modern browsers. There are no settings to configure as it’s a set and forget type of plugin.

How To Spell Check Post Titles Without Using A Plugin

If Firefox is your browser of choice, I found a great guide on that explains how to change a value in Firefox’s configuration file to spell check post titles. The downside to this technique is that it’s for Firefox only. The plugin on the other hand, enables post title spell checking across all modern browsers.

Is this something you’d like to see added to the core of WordPress or should it be left to web browsers to handle?


9 responses to “New WordPress Plugin Spell Checks Post Titles Before Publishing”

  1. I just had a quick look at the source code to see how it’s built. As they stated in their blog post, the plugin utilizes the HTML spellcheck attribute, which is supported by all major browsers. So it works even on IE10+ and on IOS (Android doesn’t support that yet). A great benefit for all users.

    • Actually, for those that use After The Deadline which is already in Jetpack, it would be nice if Post Title Spell checking was part of it’s proofreading feature set.

  2. Would be nice to see this added to WordPress core. Support for spell checking is already in the post editor so it makes sense for titles to be included too.

  3. I agree with Luis here. It’s really just a small change to the HTML and could be easily added to core. No need for Jetpack here. Also, the plugin doesn’t work with JavaScript disabled. But included in core, it would work.

    • I agree. I was actually kind of surprised that it wasn’t already in core when I found out how simple it was to implement. I considered just submitting a ticket to Trac, but things have a tendency to get buried over there so I went the plugin route instead.

      I was hoping there was a filter that could be used to modify the markup without JS, but alas none seems to exist. Brady found the best hook to fire the JS and thus the plugin was born. :P

      If any core developers read this, I think it would be a great addition to core and I’d happily deprecate the plugin once it was added.


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