1. Glen Davies
    · Reply

    Thanks for the note about the Cover block bug Justin. I wasn’t able to replicate this selecting a theme gradient from the TT1 Blocks theme, but may not be getting the steps right from your description. Can you please add an issue in the Gutenberg repo with steps to reproduce when you have a minute and we will take a look at this.


  2. Nissar Ahamed
    · Reply

    Pinterest Embed Support is a good idea. However, are there are any chances of bringing back Instagram Embed. I know this was Facebook’s decision to discontinue this, however, not sure if WordPress has reached out to them to work this out. I am pretty sure it’s a feature that is heavily requested.

    Also, a block that should be included in Gutenberg is the Table of Content (in my opinion). Most of us have other plugins or add-ons. This is a feature that most bloggers/WordPress users will benefit from.


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