1. Mac

    Excuse me for being a dim-wit but isn’t Gutenberg in core?
    I see that it is also still in the Plugins repository.
    So can someone please explain how this works –
    1. Will the plugin override core?
    2. What happens if I deactivate v5.7+ of the plugin before core is updated?
    3. When will core be updated to 5.7?
    Thanks in advance for answering my outrageous (…ly obvious) questions!


    • David Decker

      The plugin is now the development version of the Editor.

      Its development happens to be way faster than this of Core, so it is separated, which makes sense in my opinion. Every time a new Core version comes out it is decided which version of Gutenberg and which fixes etc. go into Core so Core always has a stable version of the Editor.

      Yes, you can use the Gutenberg plugin and it will replace then the Core version of the Editor. I would only recommend this for testing or staging installs, though, not for Live.


    • David Artiss

      No, they’re not obvious and are very good questions.

      When there is a release of core, this includes the latest version of Gutenberg. However, to stay on top of the latest incremental GB updates, you can install the plugin and this will keep you “topped up” between core releases.

      So, to answer your questions…

      1. Yes
      2. GB will drop back to whichever version was bundled in your current version of WP
      3. Probably the next core release


  2. Georgios Gergiou


    Very interesting but i have the following question. I updated my site to 5.2 version. however, i cannot see the group block in Gutenberg editor.
    How can i use it?
    Thank you


    • Erik Joling

      The version of Gutenberg which is integrated in WordPress 5.2 doesn’t have Group block I believe. As stated in other comments, the development of the Gutenberg plugin is ahead of WordPress.

      If you don’t want to wait for the next WordPress release you can try to install the plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/

      But I would recommend this only on testing environments and not on live websites.


      • Mac

        Thanks to everyone for answering the questions.

        The only followup I have is the overwhelming recommendation not to use the plugin on production sites.

        It would seem worth the risk at this point in time to use the latest and greatest code release. This way I can leverage ASAP, the advantages to a rapidly improving product.

        Beyond the usual risks of using beta software (is Gutenberg in the repository actually beta?) Do I have to worry about an odds on chance of a catastrophic crash or security breech?

        Based on the Gutenberg plugin page, it seems that there might be an even better chance that the latest repository version could reduce risks.



  3. Stephen Vaughna

    The new additions of the Group block and improvements to the column block are welcome. All they need now are some settings for padding and margins. I will add though that it is still very irritating to have to click around to bring different elements (the group, row of columns and each individual column) into focus.


  4. Raven

    That’s a step in a good direction but it messes up my workflow because I can’t figure out how to efficiently create nested blocks using keyboard only now.

    Previously I would type `/group` and press enter to create a group. The cursor would be placed inside of the group and allow me to type instantly. Now I am stuck in TAB TAB TAB TAB – oh, no – SHIFT+TAB hell.


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