1. Bud Kraus

    Don’t you mean WordPress 5.1, not Gutenberg 5.1. This might be a little picky but…


    • Zebulan

      No, this article is about Gutenberg 5.1. WordPress 5.1 includes Gutenberg 4.8, since that was the latest version when the 5.1 beta started. The Gutenberg plugin features newer versions of Gutenberg features than WordPress core.

      On a related note, I think the current plan is for WordPress 5.2 to include Gutenberg 5.2, since the planned release date of Gutenberg 5.2 is close to the planned feature freeze date of WordPress 5.2.

      Yeah, it’s a bit confusing, but eventually the Gutenberg version numbers will diverge from the WordPress version numbers enough to be less confusing, since the Gutenberg plugin gets feature updates more frequently than WordPress core.


  2. Rod Olman

    Is accessibility still completely broken? And how about that audit that was supposed to be done … “sometime”?


  3. Jim Trapp

    Nope. WP 5.1 uses Gutenberg 4.8 – to get Gutenberg 5.1.1, install the Gutenberg plugin.


  4. Rajesh Yadav

    I’m loving Gutenberg! A great move by WordPress


  5. Jason McFadden

    Does Gutenberg work better in a particular browser? I am using Edge for Windows 10. It works ok… Thanks.


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