GravityForms Detected On 53% Of The Top 1 Million Sites Ranked By Alexa Using Hosted Forms

Datanyze, a company specializing in determining what web technologies are being used based on their code signature, has new data indicating GravityForms has the most market share. Out of the top one million websites ranked by Alexa that use hosted forms, GravityForms was detected on 53.3% of them. That’s more than all of the other form plugins and services in the chart combined.

GravityForms Leading The Way With 53.3%
GravityForms Leading The Way With 53.3%

I’m surprised Ninja Forms or Contact Form 7 is not on the pie chart. I thought Contact Form 7 would be their biggest competitor but it turns out it’s Wufoo and other form generating services. I contacted Datanyze to figure out if those systems are tracked or not.

Jon Hearty of Datanyze said, “The reason they aren’t there is because we do not currently track them. We add technologies everyday, usually based on requests from our customers and prospects.”

Datanyze explains on their frequently asked questions page how they obtain the data and determine code signatures.

Most web technologies have certain footprints or “signatures” when used by one of the websites. For example, if you view the HTML code for any WordPress site, you will find something like this: <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress …” />. By finding and cataloging these signatures, Datanyze can determine not only which technologies a website is using, but also when they added or dropped them.

With the top one million websites ranked by Alexa changing each month, the data represented in the pie chart is only a snapshot of time. But what the data shows is that GravityForms is doing exceptionally well, especially against the other form solutions being monitored.

I’d love to see more WordPress specific contact form solutions added to the chart such as Contact Form 7 and Ninja forms just to get a more complete picture.

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