GravityForms Now With Freshbooks

GravityForms just scored a deluge of new fans thanks to their FreshBooks Add-On available for those who own developer licenses. This add on integrates seamlessly with the FreshBooks service making it easy to use data from forms to create FreshBooks clients, invoices and estimates. WordPress consultants have to love that.

If that weren’t enough, the RocketGenius team also released a Campaign Monitor add-on.

The Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Add-On makes it quick and easy to add mailing list subscribers from any of your Gravity Forms. When a visitor submits their information on your form, the user is instantly added to the Campaign Monitor mailing list(s) that you have configured for that form. You can even integrate with Campaign Monitor custom fields to customize your mailing list data.

To top things off for February even though it’s not the end of the month yet, GravityForms now has a MailChimp add-on that ties into the MailChimp service. Another way to create great email campaigns while measuring their progress.

All of these add-ons are free for those who own the GravityForms developer license. Buying a developer license through that link will provide a 20% kickback to me which is much appreciated. The developers license covers both current and future add-ons. The best thing abut GravityForms is just when you think the plugin couldn’t get any better, it does. Which is why the dev license provides the best bang for the buck.

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