GravityForms Launches Demo Site

gravitylogo A few days ago, the highly anticipated GravityForms plugin launched to the public with much fanfare. However, many people voiced their concern that there was no way to try before you buy which put off a lot of folks from buying it. Thankfully, the RocketGenius team is a responseful bunch as they have launched a specific DEMO site where you can login to the backend to see the plugin in action, create new forms and see how it all comes together.

One word of note though is that some of the settings for the plugin have been disabled such as saving new forms, deleting forms, etc. However, you should be able to get a good feel on whether the plugin will fit the bill or not.


7 responses to “GravityForms Launches Demo Site”

  1. Just wanted to note that this is a limited demo for security reasons. We can’t open up the entire WordPress administration to random people without the minority ruining it for the majority and causing problems by deleting things, etc.

    Some of the areas you can’t access as Post and Pages, which is an area where you can easily integrate Gravity Forms by inserting forms into posts and pages wherever you want.

    You also can’t save changes to forms, you can edit them and add fields, but your savings won’t actually change.

    it is primarily to give people a taste of what the admin looks like. It’s still a work in progress so if anyone has any suggestions for making the demo better… we are all ears.


  2. @Carl Hancock – Actually, couldn’t you just use functions.php to prevent the saving of posts and such, while leaving the pages available? It should just be a matter of deregistering hooks or somesuch.

  3. Yea, we plan on doing more with the demo site in the future. Unfortunately we have a time constaint and locking everything down and making more available is going to take time which is better spent working on enhancements to the plugin.

  4. @matt mcinvale – A lot of people have been asking that question which is why I think at some point, there will be a FAQ or a special place on the GravityForms website which will explain why it’s better although the features page and my 11 minute video do a good job I think.


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