GravityForms Launches To The Public

gravitylogoGravityForms which takes form generation to the next level in WordPress has finally been launched to the public. I’ve been playing around with the plugin since I joined the beta test program in late June. Since then, the RocketGenius team has worked extensively to improve the plugin for the masses. For those that don’t know, GravityForms is like a WYSIWYG editor for creating forms. For an expansive look as to what this plugin is capable of, I suggest taking some time to watch my screencast review which is about 11 minutes long.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I can fully recommend this plugin to anyone who is looking for an intuitive, easy way to create and manage forms on their WordPress powered site. The plugin is also licensed under the GPL which makes it that much better. If you’re looking for even more information regarding this plugin, I highly recommend listening to episode 4 of the Press This podcast where Joost De Valk interviews Carl Hancock, lead developer of the GravityForms plugin.

I’ve never signed up or participated in anyone’s affiliate program before, but GravityForms has become the first. So with that said, the following link is my affiliate code which will drop back 20% of your purchase to me. If you do purchase the plugin through me, thank you for your continued support of By the way, not sure how much longer this coupon code will remain active but if you use GFORMS20 it will take off 20% of your order.

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

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