1. ovidiu

    just curious, what the big fuss is about: I had a look at the screencast but I can’t really see anything that makes this into a plugin I’d pay money for. Besides cforms II is great.


  2. Martin

    I think they should release a limited version so more people can test drive it and see if it’s to their needs etc, and list the options that are missing so people can see if it’s worth buying or not. Like a demo that does not have all features.

    I will probably get a copy in a months time. Hopefully some reviews are done between now and then.

    I would rather pay for a well established plugin before jumping the gun on a plugin that I don’t know enough about.


  3. Carl Hancock

    Thanks Jeff! I just wanted to point out that I am not actually the lead developer on Gravity Forms, I am part of the team but all the programming credit needs to go to Alex Cancado who is a brilliant programmer.

    As for a demo… we are working on putting together a demo site that will enable users to try out the plugin and see how it works by logging in to a demo site.

    I haven’t seen any lengthy reviews come out yet, but Joost de Valk did a quick blog post about the plugin here:


    Joost is paying us a big compliment by using Gravity Forms on his own site and his development projects despite the fact he has his own plugin that also does contact forms. I don’t think another plugin developer could pay us a bigger compliment than that and we truly appreciate it.


  4. Martin

    Thanks for the update Carl. Looking forward to seeing the demo site!


  5. Epic Alex

    @Carl Hancock – I listened to Joost’s podcast as well as Jeff’s, but my biggest question didn’t get answered. I was interested in how uploads work?

    I’m currently trying to find the best way of allowing users to upload multiple photos, and be able to link information to each one, as per the built in Media Uploader, but allowing uploads from the front end. I love the look of your plugin, but obviously don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t do exactly what I’m looking to do! (Just read there’s going to be a demo site, but if you could let me know anyway!)


  6. Carl Hancock

    @epicalex RIght now the file upload is limited to files uploaded a part of the entry data. We don’t currently have a Post Image upload field. However, we are working on one and will be introducing a Post Image upload field with Version 1.1 of Gravity Forms.

    This will allow a user to submit a form that creates a post and uploads an image that is then associated with that post as a gallery item in the media library.

    You could then allow multiple photos to be uploaded by placing multiple photo uploads fields on your form. In the future we will implement the ability to upload multiple images from one field, but for now we are just working on getting the first iteration of the Post Image field up and running in the next release.

    The demo is available here:



  7. Oswald

    I have seen all of the buzz about Gravity forms. (Oddly, it also seems that many who have sung its praises are now affiliates.) The web site provides virtually no info…no manual…no faq. I’m happy to see that a demo has been posted…will now give it a look.

    I have happily been using cformII, which was just updated. I haven’t seen any reviews comparing Gravity forms to cformII. cformII is free & is also actively supported by its developer.


  8. Harris

    I don’t understand. If wordpress plugins are GPL too, why I have to pay a developer license to have the gravity forms on more than 5 sites I own? Does this plugin works by itself without an wordpress install? Well, I own more than 5 sites so I will stick with the cforms for now.


  9. Carl Hancock

    The documentation is available to people who purchase the plugin via the support centric http://www.gravityhelp.com site along with the support forums.

    This information is not available to the public because as a GPL plugin, part of what you are buying IS this information.

    The forums are publicly accessible, with the exception of the support forum which is for customers only.


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