1. Jon Ang

    Still no native support for Custom Post Types? :(


    • Carl Hancock

      Post creation wasn’t the focus of this release. But enhanced post creation functionality is something that is in development. It’s not something we want to solve with the existing Post Fields that are in Gravity Forms. We have something much better in the works.


      • Jon Ang

        I get that Carl.

        As your loyal fan with a Dev license, the one thing that really keeps nagging at me is the non-native support of custom post types.

        I have a license to Formidable Forms as well and the thing that kept me going on using GravityForms is loyalty.

        Eventually you’d really have to put in CPTs and it should be soon. That’s the major thing that you don’t that is sending people to your competitors.

        So all in all, hopefully it’s soon :)


        • Carl Hancock

          We have been in no rush to add CPT support because it’s already available to Gravity Forms users in the form of a 3rd party add-on in the wordpress.org repository and has been for a long time.



          There are a TON of 3rd party Gravity Forms Add-Ons freely available in the WordPress.org plugin repository. Far more than we provide as first party add-ons.

          We try to avoid stepping on the toes of 3rd party developers when possible, otherwise it would deter people from developing add-one for Gravity Forms which we do not want and our users do not want.

          However, sometimes it does happen. It has in a few other instances and will eventually with the custom post type support.

          We don’t prioritize features to market because our competition has them. If there is a feature that we haven’t added but have said we will be it’s typically due to the fact what we have planned for the feature is bigger than what the user is anticipating. We do it on our terms.

          In this case the 3rd party add-on is actually one that who’s developer also happens to be a Gravity Forms core developer.

          There is an entire worked of Gravity Forms Add-Ons available freely in the WordPress.org plugin repository. Page after page of add-ons of you search for Gravity Forms in the repository. There are also a lot of commercial add-ons for Gravity Forms. We have the largest ecosystem of 3rd party add-ons of any WordPress forms plugin available.

          If there is something we don’t do as a core feature or an official add-on there is likely a 3rd party add-on that already exists and many times it is freely available on the WordPress.org plugin repository.


  2. Carl Hancock

    Technically it hasn’t been a year in development. What has changed is our versioning methodology.

    Previously we purposely didn’t increment the version to 2.0 despite the fact some 1.9.x releases (of which there were many over the last year) included features as well as maintenance, bug and security patches. This is why the current 1.9.x release is

    We’ve changed how we are handling version numbers going forward. Feature releases will be vX.X, maintenance releases will be vX.X.X and interim builds (a bit like WordPress nightly builds) are vX.X.X.X.

    Only maintenance releases and feature releases are deployed via automatic update. Interim builds are only available via our support site until it’s pushed out via automatic update.

    So the next feature release will be 2.1, then 2.2 and so on. Which is more in line with how WordPress does things from a versioning standpoint.


    • Jeff Chandler

      I arrived at my conclusion because the 1.9 release post was published in January 2015. Using that logic, I figured 2.0 was in development for at least a year and a half. You know more about GravityForms development than I do :) I do like the new versioning structure which is similar to WordPress’. Makes things easier on me.


  3. Wassim

    Congratulations to you Carl and all the team behind this! There is quit extensive changes and new features in the add-on framework, does this mean that all the official add-ons will receive an update too?


    • Carl Hancock

      All of our own Add-Ons have been migrated to use the Add-On Framework. The updates to the Add-On Framework in Gravity Forms v2.0 are primarily for planned updates to existing add-ons, new add-ons that are in active development, and feedback from the 3rd party developer community.

      So we won’t be releasing updates for all of our Add-Ons specifically due to the release of GF 2.0 but there will be Add-On updates coming related to new features as well as entirely new Add-Ons that we will be releasing.

      We do have something else in the works that will require releasing all of our existing Add-Ons but I won’t let that cat out of the bag just yet… :)


  4. Luke Cavanagh

    A repeater field would be a great feature in core.


  5. Luke Cavanagh

    The Gravity Forms plugin for Pods, works very well.



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