1. Tony Zeoli

    For many years, I’ve been hesitant to work with GoDaddy for two primary reasons:

    1. They were not WordPress focused and were doing nothing to serve my agency clients.

    2. Poor customer support. WP Engine’s support techs are far more qualified and tech-savvy. They understand what you’re asking for and can solve your problems very quickly. With Go Daddy support, it’s like pulling teeth.

    Recently, I was able to login to a new client’s account on their managed hosting and what I found was still light years away from where WP Engine is today.

    Now, that’s not to say they aren’t trying. And, that’s also not to say their recent acquisitions and partnerships, like this one, aren’t important and will help them in the WordPress world. But they are still comparable to WP Engine in their managed hosting environment.

    This all-in-one service stack of WooCommerce + plugins is definitely interesting and I may test this mix with any new Ecommerce client that comes to me, but with a more limited budget. But, at WP Engine, I can either host my clients myself or use my partner agency status to earn some revenue on hosting fees. So while having this instant stack is interesting, there are other issues that remain unresolved for the agency referrer. Not sure if GoDaddy provides referral fees, but at WP Engine, I get a monthly residual on every site registered and not just a one time affiliate fee.

    But, I appreciate you writing about this. It’s good to know.


  2. Chris

    There are many bad players in the hosting space, but GoDaddy is the worse host ever. I’d say this is a very bad news for WooCommerce. Anything associated with GoDaddy is doomed to be (or become) really bad.


  3. An Nguyen


    I am going to do dropshipping. Should I use this hosting package to use Woocomerce?


  4. Sajan Kota

    Hi Justin,

    It is really great to see that GoDaddy is getting more WordPress focused. However Godaddy definitely needs to improve their customer support. I have some really bad experience with Godaddy customer support. Its really difficult to deal with customer support reps, who have a hard time understanding the technical concepts.

    Good to know that Godaddy’s onboarding process is available with all managed hosting plans. Lets hope that the partnership between Automattic and Godaddy would make users more happy and process of using Godaddy products little less painful.


  5. Vihaan Roy

    I have heard many disappointing comments for GoDaddy from many people, but I appreciate GoDaddy, to establishing the e-commerce site, let’s hope for best service.


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