1. AJ

    Several of the company’s free WordPress themes consistently rank in the theme directory’s popular list. Most of them are child themes of their popular Primer theme, which boasts 40,000+ active installs when not counting child theme installs.

    Yes, I wonder why. Could it be that they overtake all others with their larger user/customer base and traffic so that when their theme goes live at .org that they get a massive jump of active installs which gets them on the popular list without effort? Once there, they will always be there and solidifies their popular standing as a result. The same goes for any source with a massive traffic load that guarantees popular status at .org. Very unfair advantage for a lot of others who don’t have that level of traffic and userbase.

    That Popular list needs to go.


    • Theme Guy

      All that, and this is what you got out of it? A complaint about the popular themes list?

      It’s a 100% free theme just like Twenty Nineteen or Twenty Seventeen. Do you also get upset by those since they are included in core? If you fear competition from 100% free themes then you have bigger problems to worry about my friend.

      For all intents and purposes themes as we know them are going away as Gutenberg matures, so your problem will solve itself one way or another.

      As an aside, we should all be excited by things like this that move WordPress forward and challenge the rest of us to do the same. It’s what keeps WordPress growing and customers buying our products and services. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone. Maybe you will build the next great thing–I can’t wait to see it!


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    GoDaddy support is superficial and it consistently sucks. They are more focused on sales than resolving an issue. For this reason alone I will not consider them as a reliable hosting provider (no matter how enticing their onboard process is…).


  3. Myles

    So i’ll be completely honest here, I thought when they bought out MediaTemple that they would bring over that quality of hosting … but I have yet to see that at all.

    I’m a full time WordPress plugin developer, and I deal with supporting clients everyday … which includes logging into their sites … and GoDaddy is by far the slowest and worst.

    It does not surprise me when i’m trying to work on a client’s site, and it’s super slow … i make a guess it’s GoDaddy, check ARIN and sure enough … it is, about 95% of the time.

    IMO they are focused on quantity, not quality, and being as though i’ve worked on client sites on pretty much every hosting provider out there, I would not recommend GoDaddy to anybody.

    Yeah their on-boarding process may be nice and easy, but the quality is sub-par.


  4. Danny Jones

    As someone who has spent the last 4 years supporting premium WP themes, in so so many cases when there is a weird, unexplainable (at first) issue, the number of times I investigated an issue only to find it’s hosted on GoDaddy has been incredible.

    Now admittedly when prompted to contact the host, GoDaddy were usually able to do some magic to get things working as they should, but still that kind of consistent interaction with a host where almost all experiences have been less than favourable, I just can’t see myself ever recommending them personally.


  5. Manish Ladhania

    I personally do not have that pleasing experience with GoDaddy but they have some positive points as well such as they provide domain at cheaper rates.


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