Do the Woo: A New Podcast for WooCommerce Store Owners

photo credit: Maciej Korsan
photo credit: Maciej Korsan

Bob Dunn, a WordPress educator better known on the web as BobWP, is launching a podcast for WooCommerce store owners. “Do the Woo” will air weekly on Wednesdays with tips and tricks to help store owners attract more customers. Dunn plans to host guests involved in WooCommerce development, as well as store owners who will be invited to share their challenges and successes.

After using WooCommerce for five years with client projects, as well as his own products, Dunn is prepared to share his store management experience with listeners. He’s used the plugin and many of its extensions for selling services, bookings, downloads, and currently for his membership site sales. He has also taught WooCommerce workshops and is preparing new courses for his students.

Store owners are the targeted audience for Dunn’s new podcast with a focus on the business aspects of store management.

“It will be a mix of topics, rather than a straight interviews format, which is what many of the other podcasts are,” Dunn said. “I’ll be sharing eCommerce news and tips from a WooCommerce perspective. I’ll Interview Woo experts, designers, developers and shop owners. I’ll also share ideas for using Woo in ways that the average user might not have considered. There will be some tech, but also marketing, sales and social, all around WC.”

Dunn is aiming to reach both tech savvy users and those who would rather focus solely on the business of running a store.

“Having built sites for shop owners and in my role as co-organizer for the Seattle WooCommerce meetup, I would have to say that it’s a mix of technical skill,” he said. “As with anything WordPress, it spans the spectrum. Some are very hands-on and comfortable with the technology, while others want to focus more on their products and sales and tend to avoid the tech end of things.”

With an estimated 30% of e-commerce sites running on WooCommerce, a podcast focused on navigating the WooCommerce ecosystem as a store owner has a good chance of finding a decent audience with the right content strategy.

“My goal is to help these shop owners by giving them marketing ideas and providing a forum for stories from some of their colleagues who have insights and experiences to share,” Dunn said.

Interested listeners can subscribe at where the first official episode will be published next week. Dunn will also be running WooCommerce-related posts on every Wednesday.


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