1. Geoff

    Thanks for putting this on WordPress Tavern Jeff.

    Were those YouTube videos real playable embeds, or just graphics that look like players to entice clicks? The look like the latter, but I can’t tell for sure. Generally though, it seems like you saw a better quality of ad than I did, perhaps because you are in the US.

    It’s interesting that you saw the advertisement disclaimer. If they’ve added that, it takes a lot of the heat out of my argument.


  2. Michael

    I still think that wp.com should have its ads. But as soon as you buy even the smallest upgrade, ads should be gone.


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  4. Krystofo

    WordPress is plenty big enough to stop giving free blogs and charge $1 annually. And plenty big enough to run their own ad service with tasteful ads. Same goes for Wikipedia. Unfortunately the internet tradition is all-or-nothing one way or the other, never quite fully combining idealism with common sense.


  5. Maxine Huggins

    I, too am sick of the ads promising you an IPod or a TV or a free something else. After I followed the links once, jumping through the hoops again and again to get you to buy this or that or sign up for this or that. I quit and decided that I would never follow any kind of advertising from this kind of come on.


  6. Dougal Campbell

    I don’t remember if I ever publicly mused about it, or what discussion triggered it, but about a year or so ago it struck me that a logical next move for Automattic would be to create their own ad network. With a single blog network as large as theirs, ad-targeting could be fine-tuned to a large degree on all sorts of parameters. And of course, they could also do well on stand-alone WP sites, as well.


  7. Jeffro

    @Geoff – To my surprise, the YouTube embeds were actually playable videos from YouTube. I thought they would just be screencaps. But the videos had nothing to do with the content they were displayed under.

    @Dougal Campbell – That’s what I was thinking. One of the biggest problems is relevancy and context which is a problem already solved for them considering they already know the most trafficked sites that talk about specific subjects. All they would need is a good sales/marketing team that could purchase the context relevant advertising to display on those sites. Then again, perhaps Automattic really has no interest in pursuing that route and that’s why they’ve decided to partner up with Federated Media instead.


  8. Heather

    Tourism and pastries? Lucky you. I was heartbroken to see my wp.com blog sporting “local mom’s secret / dermatologists hate her!” ads.


  9. Sherry

    I saw the title of this post, and thought it was about me. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

    ;) It would be nice if we could pick the ads that show on our blogs from a list.

    Sherry Crummy


  10. Milan

    What network they use now? I’ve never seen any ad other than custom textual AdSense ads. Though I haven’t seen recently any ad.


  11. Ken

    I think the model of online ads needs to completely go away. We need a better internet that is clear of non-sense and innovative when it comes to generating revenue.


  12. that girl again

    My concern about the Federated Media deal is that US users will start serving relatively tasteful Automattic-vetted ads from which they may even be able to earn the occasional cent, while the rest of the world continues to get flashing download buttons and porn with nothing in exchange but loss of credibility.

    (I’m in the UK and I hardly ever see Adsense on wordpress.com any more. There are some Federated Media ads which are OK, but the obnoxious ones are coming via Adperium and Yahoo.)


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