1. Shorlan

    I find it interesting that it actually took them this long to get around to WordAds. Still it’s never too late to get started. One thing you might want to note, is that most sites that did have access to AdSense still would have completely unrelated ads filling out their site without any filters to make it relevant. In the end, I worry more about how easily ad click numbers can be inflated by non-potential customers. Sure, the blogger doesn’t care (they got the click payoff) but I imagine that some poor company out there is siphoning money off to Google & Co. for less than desired actual real buyers. I myself have never clicked on a Google ad, except by pure accident/trickery.

    Back on topic, my own site is way too small to even consider advertising, so I can only promote myself… in the sidebar… yay!


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    […] Been reading reports on the new WordAds from WordPress.com all week. Should seriously confuse the heck out of new site owners. When most folks suggest getting a WordPress site, they mean the .org version where you pay for your own hosting. This new thing is on the .com version where hosting is free, but there are severe limitations on themes, plugins, and storage space. Plus, this is so they can run their ads, but you still can’t sell your products on your site. You share in the click-through revenue, but you have no control over what types of ads are shown. Read How WordPress Helps the Little Guy Make Money on Read Write Web, and be careful what you fall for. And here’s more info from WPTavern, Revenue Sharing Advertising Arrives on WordPress.com. […]


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