1. mac2net

    WordPressAds would have been a better name


  2. Asko

    This is brilliant. I figured they’d make a free Jetpack plan also premium at some point or introduce a site limit (number of sites that you can connect with the same WP.com account), but instead they make something that not only benefits them, but also benefits Jetpack users. Well, those with popular sites at least.


  3. Hoa

    Not sure how this will play out. The web is saturated with advertising already. And they don’t work that great, with few exceptions. Even large sites had to close due to the drop of their advertising revenues. It’s time to come up with a better model than advertising.


  4. mark k.

    It is great to know that in addition to modules you are unlikely to use bloating jetpack there is one that you are unlikely to be permitted to use. I don’t get why people use that bloatware at all.


  5. Tyler

    It’d be great if these ads loaded after the page renders. The last thing WordPress needs is another render-blocking script.


  6. Deven rathore

    Applied For wordads Today .. and got approved .. Lets See How it works


  7. Robin

    Any figures on approximate CPMs?


  8. Anne

    I think this is a smart move by the company and I like competition. I know they are in the early stages of the program, but there are more features I would like to see before jumping in. Presently, my ad network of choice is Google AdSense for various reasons:

    1. speed (if you ~don’t~ enable all their 3rd party networks)
    2. international coverage
    3. all IAB ad formats
    4. ability to disapprove ads / categories

    I’m also one of these people that doesn’t like ads to interfere with the user’s reading experience. From that standpoint, I wish I had more control where I could place the ads. These early options aren’t the best for my users, but I will definitely watch this space as I’m also an ad purchaser. It’s also an interesting time as publishers are experiencing a drop in revenue because of ad blockers, which I understand. Many sites put revenue ahead of user experience.


  9. velli, md.

    This is good news, I’ve been waiting for this moment. wordads support self-hosted wordpress patform highly anticipated by many as an alternative adsense. works well and hopefully get a better result.


  10. Jeremy

    What is wrong with just using Google Adwords? Seems to be a much more powerful and user friendly network.


  11. sharad

    This is really awesome ! Congrats to WordPress team .


  12. Marshalleq

    I think this is great, having what seems on the face of it to be a solid alternative. It also seems like it’s easy to implement which gives the less technical bloggers an easy way to jump in on revenue. I only realised this year how many hit’s I was getting on my plain old wordpress.com blog which I hadn’t touched since 2009. That really motivated me to do something about it.

    I’ve applied, but I do have to consider how this will work along side adsense, which might be it’s limitation. Lack of placement options could be a problem – however adsense can be moved around at least so that should cover it.


  13. Linda

    Good news, yesterday one of my blogs have been approved but I think it would be better if wordads can display daily earnings reports such as Adsense or other networks


  14. Ashutosh

    Is there any info on the ads being responsive? I couldn’t find any on the the FAQ page, although it does mention that the ads run on mobile devices, so there is hope. Would be great if someone could confirm this.


  15. Marshalleq

    Hi Linda, I’ve just activated mine on https://www.tech-knowhow.com yesterday, are you getting any ads yet? I have the places for the ads, but no content and it’s been like this for about 35 hours now. Regarding the stats, I read somewhere that once you’ve had wordads for one month, these will show up in your wordpress, settings, adcontrol.

    Could you take a look for me and see if any ads appear when you look at it? I’m wondering if it just doesn’t show up because of the country I’m in or something. (Note I have both adsense and wordads at the moment – so make sure it’s the one that says ‘about these ads’ at the top.

    From my reading, adsense seems a lot more professional and I may remove wordads based solely on that, but will try it and see.


  16. Marshalleq

    Yeah, it was quite clean looking until that. Given they’re not working I have little choice but to remove them.


  17. Marshalleq

    Disabled. If anyone get’s them working….


  18. Jeffrey

    I don’t get it. Why not just use Google Ads? What is the difference?


    • jon burke

      >I don’t get it. Why not just use Google Ads? What is the difference?
      Jeffrey – Google Ads are one of the buyers in WordAds. Others are Facebook Audience Network, Yahoo, Aol, Amazon.com a9, and 60 other bidders.


  19. Yoshi

    I have blog in wp.com, and wordads already running there.
    I want to move that blog to self hosted wp.
    Does wordads will automatically run in my new blog?
    Or do I need to apply wordads again?



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