1. Cory Miller

    Jeff, thank you for sharing ZenTribes, but more importantly, helping keep mental health and wellness at the forefront of your reporting at the Tavern.


  2. David Peralty

    $800 USD! That seems a bit steep. At first I was like “aww… what I nice idea. I could use that kind of support…” then I saw the price and knew that even if it was perfect for me, it isn’t something I can afford to do.


    • Cory Miller

      Hey David, sorry to hear that. If you think about the time investment (not just hosting these by both Sherry, an experienced Ph.D. psychologist and I) along with the time and energy we’re putting into this for preparation, I think most would say it’s a bargain.

      If now’s not the right time, I get it.

      Please feel free to email me directly and I’d love to talk through it more with you.


  3. Andreas Nurbo

    Go to your local yoga and meditation center or attend a mindfulness course. Usually much cheaper.
    Or you know actually go to a zen buddhist meditation group.


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