Cory Miller Talks Business Via WordCamp Raleigh

Cory Miller who heads up along with gives me the low down on what is going on with the company. Cory gives the details regarding what their newest offering, Plugin Mobile Buddy is all about. It sounds like an awesome plugin and once goes through a minor redesign, this will be the first plugin I install to provide a mobile version of the site. We also talk about how iThemes tries to take customer feedback to heart by monitoring trends and responding to those trends with awesome products.


  1. Interesting. I wonder how that will compare with things like MobilePress (which is currently my preferred mobile skinning of choice :) )


  2. After reading through builder, it became quickly apparent to me just how great a coder Corey is. I would have no problem trusting my ‘mobile’ site in the hands of pluginbuddy.

    Thanks for the heads up on this plugin. Had no idea it was even being built. Going to check it out now.


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