Chris Wiegman, Former Lead Developer of iThemes Security, Joins 10up

iThemes Security Featured ImageChris Wiegman, the creator of Better WP Security, has announced that he’s moved on from iThemes to join 10up. In late 2013, iThemes acquired Better WP Security and changed its name to iThemes Security. As part of the deal, Wiegman was brought on board to continue developing the plugin.

Wiegman Moves From Products Back to Client Work

Joining 10up gives Wiegman the opportunity to take what he’s learned from developing iThemes Security and apply it to client sites. He notes two huge reasons for the move: burnout and losing focus on why he was developing the product.

To put it simply I was bored and burned out with the plugin. If I’m really going to be honest this was the case when I sold it to iThemes in 2013 and at the time I truly believed that working on it full-time would somehow renew my interest but that wasn’t the case. This is not to say I didn’t have a passion for it but just that I really wanted to work on other things and not just the plugin.

This is an interesting move, because generally I see a lot of WordPress consultants branch away from client work to focus on products. In this case, a product driven developer has decided to go back to client work for the variety and educational opportunities it offers.

The Future of iThemes Security

Since its creation, Wiegman has been the face of Better WP Security and iThemes Security. iThemes CEO, Cory Miller, has this to say about Wiegman’s work.

We thank Chris Wiegman for his contribution to iThemes Security (formerly known as Better WP Security) and his time at iThemes. We hope to make him proud of leaving such an awesome project in our hands. We are committed to making iThemes Security the easiest tool to allow people to protect and secure their WordPress websites.

He also explains that while Wiegman is no longer with the company, iThemes will continue to develop the plugin, “One benefit of iThemes having been around for seven years now, with a 20-plus person team, is having ‘bench strength’ or rather, people who are able and available to take over projects such as iThemes Security in the event someone moves on to another opportunity.”

Chris Jean along with Aaron Campbell will take over development of iThemes Security. Campbell will work with Jean to create a strong roadmap and assist in its future development. “The present and the future is bright for iThemes Security,” Miller said.


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