WPWeekly Episode 162 – Lead Developer of iThemes Security, Chris Wiegman

Marcus Couch and I are joined by the lead developer of iThemes Security, Chris Wiegman. After helping us dissect the news of the week, he tells the story of how he got involved with WordPress. We learn about the circumstances that lead to the creation of iThemes Security and how he almost sold the plugin to a different company. He explains how the Brute Force Login Protection feature added to the latest version of iThemes Security works and the difference between local and network wide protection. Last but not least, we explore the idea of how it could turn into the Jetpack of WordPress Security plugins.

Stories Discussed:

WordPress 4.0 ‘Benny’ Released
What Happens When WordPress Is Updated With 100 Plugins Activated?
Flywheel Hosting Secures $1.2M In Funding
WordPress Theme Review Team to Launch Mentoring Program

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Google Drive Media Library is a plugin that connects your Google Drive account to your WordPress media library. This allows you to use Google Drive to store your photos, documents and videos on your site. This is a great solution if you are frequently receiving files from clients you don’t want to have access to the backend of WordPress.

Speech Bubble is a fun way to document a quote or conversation within a blog post. It’s shortcode driven and presents a conversational display similar to texting or Skype chats. There are 9 different conversation bubble styles and you can mix and match styles in posts.

WP Couch Mode is a handy plugin that provides a clean reading layout at the tap of a button. Much like reader mode in the Safari browser, the content takes on the look and feel of a print mode style removing the distractions of sidebars, widgets, site graphics or ads. It also has a handy print button, doubling as a print ready post plugin.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Wednesday, September 24th 11 P.M. Eastern with Andrea Middleton of WordCamp Central

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