1. nofearinc

    I like the fact that everything is on the same page. If you use your WordPress.org profile page as your CV or just a portfolio item, it doesn’t help now having to click through all tabs around Activity, Plugins, Themes etc.

    Drupal’s concept page looks like a LinkedIn bio page, with all awards, contributions, plugins and more, it’s appealing, provides a lot of helpful information, organizations, contact details and could very well be used by Drupal contributors to get projects and other ways of funding (which would naturally make them much more willing to give back).


  2. Jeffrey

    I like Drupal profile design too.


  3. swissspidy

    The Drupal.org user profile shows the information in a more visually appealing way. There’s still a lot do to on the WordPress.org side, but I like the activity section. Fact is both aren’t perfect.

    @Mario: Have you seen WPTalents.com? It’s one of my goals to make it more CV-like. Also, you’ll be able to quickly search for WordPress talents based on skills, availability and location. Something you can’t do on these sites. Expect some big changes in the future :)


    • nofearinc

      @Pascal that looks neat – we’ve tried a similar directory in the past that didn’t get enough traction. Would be happy to see that being a more mature solution at the end, although it would be even more professional if that’s all live on WordPress.org :)


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