1. Otto

    Wow. Lot of fighting going on over there. I’ll sit down sometime soon and give the whole thing a read through. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Jarret

    Did anybody read the first comment on that post? LOL

    If that is a serious comment, it is awesome!


  3. Joshua Parker

    Why am I not surprised.


  4. SiteSubscribe

    Nice. Pretty much confirms what most of us site builders found out already when we went down the Drupal or Joomla path. It only takes a about a day experiencing the others to discover that WordPress clearly comes out ahead.


  5. that girl again

    @SiteSubscribe – it’s like comparing apples and oranges really, isn’t it? The only thing they seem to have in common is open-source development and the rabid fanboys which accompany it.

    Drupal is a fully-featured complex CMS out of the box and therefore has a steeper learning curve than WordPress, which is still basically blog software with delusions of grandeur. It’s silly to make your site noob-friendly if your software isn’t.


  6. SiteSubscribe

    @that girl again

    No need to take the gloves off and knock WP.

    You said it…Drupal is a “complex CMS”, but that doesn’t take away from Drupal as a powerful CMS.

    When I was referring to WP coming out ahead it was in terms of rapid site development with short learning curve…and yet still powerful CMS (obviously you disagree with at least the last part).

    So to me WP is ahead in terms of ease of use, both for me and my customers, which for me is huge.

    I really don’t want to get into a bout regarding WP vs. Drupal since that will go nowhere.


  7. that girl again

    @SiteSubscribe – I’m not knocking WP (for once); most people don’t actually need a proper CMS and can manage perfectly well with blog software with a few extras bolted on. They’re better off on WP, and sending them to Drupal is counter-productive. The more powerful a platform is, the harder it’s going to be to master in a day.

    Like I said, there’s no point comparing the two. They’re different platforms doing different things.


  8. Michael Scott

    I am so confused by all of this. I have a custom site built on a WP platform one year ago. My designer told me that he had to do everything, including the updates, or I would risk crashing the site (after the fact).

    I had worked (and built) Blogger and wp.com sites for ages and never had a problem but he made me afraid to do anything with this site. He made me dependent and charged me for every word we spoke.

    Anyway I got so much traffic (1 Million visitors year one) I thought about making some changes, based on visitior feedback, like changing the color of the theme, modifying the header, doing whatever it takes to make the stories compatible with iPod technology, YouTube impressions, and etc., but when I approached the original designer he told me that such a modification would cost me $4500.

    I asked him about premium themes and he told me that they would never work because he had custom built the site and it would crash if I tried to do anything like that.

    He also told me that it would cost me $600 to transfer from Blue Host to Host Gator VPS 4, and to add MaxCDN. I looked into that and found out that Host Gator does that for free, and doing the MaxCDN thing was simple, as was the DNS thing. I did it and it cost me nothing. This guy (and you all know him) lied to me.

    Bottom line: There are scoundrels out there. The guy I’m talking about is well known to everyone here, but I won’t mention his name. At least not yet.

    In conclusion, I need someone to work with me to put a new skin on my web magazine. I need to be able to reach out an touch someone, like on the phone or SKYPE. I don’t know from codes. I know some HTML, but no codes. I need help.

    Sorry for the rant. If anyone knows anyone who can do a simple background color change, and a header change, to perhaps something dynamic, please let me know. I hired a second guy in NZ who took my $500, developed a beautiful custom theme, and couldn’t figure out how to implement it. I lost my $500. I’m exhausted.

    I would leave a link to my site but that would be like spamming so I won’t. I just need some help.



  9. SiteSubscribe

    @Michael Scott

    Mike, feel free to give me a call or use my site contact form to send me a note.

    I don’t want to bog down this thread with too much detail, but in summary…
    I build, host, maintain, and offer tech support for WP sites, usually as very affordable package deals, but I can do one-off stuff as well. So I can probably help you.

    In your case I can look into what you have and likely can make changes to your existing site at very reasonable costs, or we can explore building your site again with something not so custom that it breaks so easily and locks you into a single developer.

    I have a Satisfaction Guarantee, so I don’t charge anything if you aren’t satisfied, and I’m available by skype, email, and phone.

    Let’s take any more discussion off this thread in courtesy of others.



  10. Darksminky

    Can’t we all use multiple, personally, I use WP, PHPBB, and Tikiwiki. . . simultaneously, I’m still working on making them all come together, bu I find that many specialised programming sets are best, just like having one type of employee at an office just doesn’t work, a full-feature CMS is easy enough to replace with WP and PHPBB and a wiki software, I chose WP for its huge commmunity (though Nucleus and movable type both looked promising), I chose phpbb because I found it a head-and-shoulders above SMF, and I hadn’t had a site for more than a day or two, so I didn’t want to go out of the Cpanel range, and SMF was ungodly, I culdn’t manage to change themes, the IP addresses of each member were practically broadcasted around without an easy stop, and the whole site looked like the homepage of a spam site : P, in retrospect, phpbb is definitely the best free thing around. As For my choice for Tikiwiki, I found that it was:
    easy to customise (duh, it’s a CMS, Right?), well not in that way, what I meant was easy to Theme, though rather risky, I crashed it twice trying to get add-to-any on there (not to mention 2 or 3 WP crashes from wp-united and another plugin I had grinding teeth,(plus the update to 3.1 threw the whole system off) (no phpbb crashes, it had very good safeguards for when things broke, it sort of limited he carnage to one, ugly spot), anyways, back to Wikis, phpwiki looked a bit limited, Zikula was very confusing to me at the time, and Drupal looked promising, but was banned by parental controls. . .

    Moral pf the story, using one CMS for an entire site is a little dangerous, if I had, my ENTIRE site would have crashed. . .
    Multiple Times
    (of course, my site was my very first site, and I have only been a player in the internet since December 29th, 2010, when I installed phpbb, and learned CSS, PHP, and HTML through it, without a crash, and then moved to WP, which was fine fora while, then I moved on to Tikiwiki, a tad unstable, and then I tried merging all three, screwing up WP and phpbb in the process, but phpbb’s issue were very easily fixed, WP’s were a little more troublesome and yeah, that was a summary of my entire site. . . so far)


  11. Andrew

    I’ve tried both WordPress and Drupal, many times over, just to compare the two.

    When I first started blogging, I looked at both Drupal and WordPress, and since then I stuck with WordPress. No matter how many times I try Drupal, I cannot convince myself to stick with Drupal at all.

    As a beginner, I found WordPress much simpler than Drupal. Drupal may be more powerful in some aspects and types of websites, but as a beginner, I found it hard to learn Drupal. And that is the reason I think that Drupal feels they are losing out. New people try Drupal, and are daunted with overcoming the obstacle it provides.

    An installation as easy as WordPress may make it easier for people to get involved in Drupal. Creating a sample post, page and comment on installation might help Drupal as well.

    I am a big fan of WordPress, however I totally agree with what some have said over at Drupal.org in that it isn’t beginner friendly. To encourage people to stay and help out, you need to grab them as beginners, and WordPress does that much better than Drupal does.


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    […] posted the following comment on the WPTavern blog about a link to a Drupal.org groups page with a discussion about the Drupal.org website and how it is more […]


  13. Richard

    The OP in that thread is right. I’ve been managing a Drupal site for just over a year, and trying to find information is always a 3 or 4 hour process it seems, and even then it is unlikely you will find everything you need. Drupal has incredible capabilities and is extremely flexible, but everything seems to take so much effort.


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