WordPress.org Profile Redesign is Live

If you haven’t visited WordPress.org lately, the brand new design for profiles is a happy discovery. Last month, Jen Mylo let us know that the profiles were getting redesigned and relaunched with more data related to a user’s involvement with the WordPress project. The profile updates are now live with a fresh design that recognizes various types of contributions.


Eventually, the WordPress.org team plans to merge the new profiles with the forum profiles, creating a unified dashboard.

You can visit http://profiles.wordpress.org/[username] to view and update your profile, or sign up on WordPress.org to create one. Log into WordPress.org and click the “edit” link on your profile to update your info.

Write Your WordPress Origin Story

A new field on the profiles gives you a place to write your WordPress origin story. At the very bottom of the /profile/edit/group/1/ page you can describe how you got involved with WordPress.

The new profiles are now a better representation of a person’s interactions on WordPress.org and general involvement with the project. If you haven’t bothered to update your profile for a few years, now is a good time to take another look. Plugin and theme author info and WordCamp speaker data is still in the process of being imported. This is only the first iteration, but it’s already easier to keep track of all your activity, plugins, themes and favorites. Will you be more likely to link to your profile now that it includes more relevant information?


25 responses to “WordPress.org Profile Redesign is Live”

    • The data for plugin and theme authors hasn’t been fully imported yet, so not all authors have those badges right now. That’s one of the highest things on our TODO list, though.

    • This is just the first iteration; there are lots of front- and back-end improvements that are on our list. We follow a “ship and iterate” philosophy, rather than waiting until something is perfect.

  1. I have spoken at WordCamps already, and I am a plugin developer, so why do I have no badges on my profile?

    In general, yes, there are *some* improvements — but overall it’s a great let down! Styling and presentation needs more work! The tabs links on the left side are way to small, deep links are not possible (yet?), so I cannot send people to my plugins listing on WordPress.org profile page — they’ll always end up on the about page.

    Makes things more complicated.

    And: who did enter my social profile data? From where is that? I didn’t enter any data, who did it and where?

    Where can I change or tweak my social profila data that is displayed on the profile header?

    Please some info, please!

    • It’s good to remember that folks who are working on this are volunteers. ;) They are still in the process of importing all the info for badges.

      • Yes, you are right with that Sarah!
        No offense here on my behalf, I just was a bit surprised from where that data was… Now based on Ian’s reply I already changed some of that and can live with that for the moment :-)

        I am thankful for the volunteers who shared their time and engagement!

    • Hi David, your social media profiles are pulled in automatically from Gravatar, just like your photo.

      We tried to make sure all WordCamp speakers were imported, but not all WordCamp organizers have entered that data, especially for older camps. Please post a comment on http://make.wordpress.org/community/2014/02/23/past-wordcamp-organizers-help/ with your username and the camp you spoke at and we’ll get it fixed :)

      Not all plugin/theme authors have been imported yet, but we’re working on that too.

      • Thanks, Ian!

        All ok now, sorry I was bit surprised before, I didn’t thought of Gravatar :)
        I just changed some data and now it’s ok for me.

        Mmh, with older camps I guess this is difficult to get the organizers to fill in my data… It’s camps from 2008 and 2011 and two camps not under Foundation organizing.
        In the meantime I entered the data manually in my about page — better than nothing…

        With importing data: great to know.

        Thanks for the info, very much appreciated!

  2. I like the changes, good work, looking forward to seeing the end result. For many people their WP.org profile is their most important.

    • Yeah, definitely. All the teams have badges, so if yours isn’t showing up just ask your team rep to send us an updated list of active members.

  3. I like the new design for now. What 1.0 version of something doesn’t have issues? At least we have something started and we can iterate on it often. The question I have is, has there been a discussion on whether or not there will be a guide that explains how to earn these badges? I can see the positives and negatives of doing such a thing.

    Seeing badges could encourage people to contribute more to earn them but on the flip side, you might get people submitting not so useful plugins just to get a badge.

    • People already submit not-so-useful plugins, so, no change there.

      I don’t think the badge system will be a particularly large incentive, as such, but it might be helpful in other ways.

      Anyway, it’s a work-in-progress. You may see badges appear and disappear while that gets sorted out, because not all the data is there and code is still being created to support it. Each set of data for each badge lives in different locations, so it’s a fair amount of work to write a unifying system to support it. I like the backend work they’ve done on it so far, it’s pretty cool. :)

  4. I am a big fan of the new design.

    It’d be curious to know all the badges and how to obtain them. If there’s badges for contributing/participating in forums/speaking at WordCamps it’d be great to know how to get them.

    You may get more people contributing to the community.

    And – one last thing – make them pin badges/stickers and give them out at WordCamps :D

    • There are badges for all of the teams listed on make.wordpress.org, plugin and theme developers, and WordCamp organizers and speakers. If you’re an active member of a team then the team lead will add you manually; the other badges are added automatically.

      • Ian – Is there a specific threshold for the badges? Or do you receive them for just having developed just 1 plugin or theme or contribution?

        • For plugins and themes, you just need one in the repository. You also just need a single time speaking/organizing at a WordCamp for those badges.

          Last week the plugin contributors were being pulled based on who had been given commit access to the plugin’s SVN repository — i.e., the people listed on wordpress.org/plugins/[plugin-slug]/admin — but we’ve since updated that to include people listed in the plugin’s readme.txt Contributors tag.

          For the team badges, each team will decide what qualifies as participation.

    • I don’t see that you’ve authored any themes/plugins. Are you a contributor in one of the groups or a wordcamp organizer/speaker? Those have to be added manually by the group lead, or wp.org username must be added on a wordcamp site.

  5. Hopefully quick question – seeing some profiles with Google Plus icon while others have Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook / Flickr / etc. How are these determined?


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