Captial P Dangit Filter Does Not Apply To Crossword Puzzles

It's Capital P Dangit

One response to “Captial P Dangit Filter Does Not Apply To Crossword Puzzles”

  1. The problem facing WordPress & Co. in making an issue out of the capitalization of the “p” in WordPress, is that the practice of making up idiosyncratically (weirdly) constructed names has already relegated itself to ‘whatever’ status. You can’t look suave & in-control by making up a non-standard name and then getting pissy when people ignore how ‘special’ your name is, because we are swamped with corny-ass names, and have learned to ignore them.

    Not that WordPress is an egregious example, because it isn’t, but because it is ‘yet-another’ flaky name that wants the Mountain to come to Mohamed.

    In the USSR, the saying was; “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

    In the full-of-yerself software & Web name-game, “They pretend to be innovative, and we pretend to give a shit.”

    Is that really a worthwhile dynamic to encourage/foster? … that offers much to gain?

    There are alternative ways to account for the Capital P Dangit initiative. It may not be simply a matter of petulance & peeve. If one or another of the more-significant (more-mature) motivations are at work, than fine & good.

    However, I am not privy to any of the potentially redeeming subterfuges, and must in the absence of evidence assume that the simplest & most-obvious explanation for Cap-P is the most likely.

    And that has to be, that Capital P Dangit is snit-ware. A sign of intemperance, sensitivity to aggravation, and a willingness/desire to be distracted from far more vital & relevant things, and instead take satisfaction in … glaring at/dominating the dog.

    It’s like wetting your pants. There is an immediate sensation of relief from pressure, the glow of spreading warmth, and satisfaction in decisiveness. However, the downside is that one’s cloths are now wet, he smells suspicious, is getting cold, and looks foolish.

    Capital P Dangit – taken at face value – casts a slight shadow over my (generally very high) confidence in the condition & capability of WordPress’ leadership. “Hmm”.


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