1. Tony Cosentino

    Hi Jeff,
    just wanted to say thank you for all the efforts to date. You have so much on your plate I completely understand why you need a break. I will miss my weekly inside scoops on the Word(p)ress community and news in general.

    All the best to your father-in-law and your wife’s family.

    I hope the break refreshes you and lets you get your life in order for the later part of the year.

    warm regards


  2. Matt

    Hi Jeff:

    I have recenty begun to listening to the WPTavern podcast. I am a relative newcomer to WordPress and a student of dynamic scripting languages. Over the last few months I have been intrested in the new features of WP 3.0 and will install a instance of 3.0 locally soon. I listen to tech podcasts during my hour long commute to work and found the WPTavern after listening to an interview you were on.

    After taking the time to listen to many WPT episodes, I have come to the realization that you are quite a busy fellow. I can relate to that completely. Your passion for WP comes through loud and clear. I’m very impressed that you have access to Matt (Who by the way I would not have known from a hill of beans if I had not been a listener) and Brad Williams who I “knew” from the Sitepoint shows and all others who are key players in the WP community.

    I have to agree with you that it seemed a bit much to have a patch added to the core that changed every misspelling of WordPress into the proper arrangement.

    I have learned quite a bit just from listening to your shows and look forward to hearing many more. I also hope that you are able to make a smooth transition from working stiff (like me) to WP Guru guy.

    Matt Bragg


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