1. Jerry

    I didn’t notice a “faux-go” or WordPress misspelled (as WordPress) so I’m wondering if you were talking about another article. Also pretty sure that all the domains that had “wordpress” in the URL were official WordPress sites.

    Did I miss something? I thought it was a good article.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    I’ve had numerous people apply to me for paid work. As soon as someone refers to themselves as a “WordPress expert” they are very quickly ignored. If you can’t even spell the name of the software you claim to be an expert of, then you are most definitely not an expert.


  3. Siobhan

    Thanks for linking to my article! I think that getting the things right that you mention are important.

    I actually use those as an indicator of whether someone knows their WordPress or not. If they spell WordPress with a lowercase P, have a fauxgo, or violate the trademark, then I know that they don’t know all that much about WordPress. It’s quite a good filtering mechanism.


  4. BleacherViews

    It doesn’t matter to me at all if the letter should be in uppercase or not. As an internet surfer, my concern is as always whether the blog or article gave me good information. spelling does not matter even as long as the message can cut across.

    Just my two cents. Thanks and more power to you Siobhan.


  5. Jeffro

    @Jerry – My tips were in ADDITION to the ones provided by her article based on my own experience of participating in the WordPress community.


  6. that girl again

    Maybe if the capital P filter was removed from core it would make judging people based on their observance of CamelCase that bit easier. For example, I can’t tell from Ryan’s comment whether he despises people for their adherence to branding over spelling and grammar conventions, or whether your software has in fact stripped his comment of all meaning ;)


  7. Susan Daniels

    Every one has to start somewhere. The whole wonderful idea of the internet is that there is enough for everyone and there is no need to judge others by their ‘spelling capabilities’ or any other capabilities, for that matter. Although, from a professional perspective, poor spelling is immediately noticeable, I don’t think that deciding an individual is stupid because of a “P” error is emotionally mature nor indicative of a professional organization. As a person who loves to share what I know with others, I suggest that a gentle nudge in the right direction with a little help is more appropriate than branding someone ‘stupid’. Just a thought. Warmly, Susan


  8. Ryan Hellyer

    @Susan Daniels – If someone is doing it for money, then they are not just starting out. They should know how to spell the name of the software at the very least.


  9. Jerry

    @Jeffro – Gotcha, thanks for clarifying!


  10. Dean

    @Susan Daniels -+1


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