1. Ipstenu

    This could be true about every subject site :)


  2. Jeffro

    @Ipstenu – Yeah, I guess :P but I’ve only brought this all together with my travels of the web looking for WordPress stuff. Quite a few good sites about WordPress have come and gone. Sounds weird since that could be considered my competition but it’s the being part of the community part of me looking for cool new sites :)


  3. Justin Tadlock

    Not all sites need to be 100%, everything-going-on about WordPress sites. Sites that want to do this would definitely need a team of writers to keep up. Personally, I’d rather subscribe to sites that focus on specific things about WordPress and publish stuff once or twice a week. Find something you’re good at and build content based on that. For example, a site that publishes development tutorials. There’ll never be a lack of things to write about, and you wouldn’t have to publish something daily to push out quality content.


  4. Jamie Northrup

    I’ve only been “blogging” (I use quotations because my WordPress website is more of a feature than a blog, but I do blog about it on other websites) about WordPress for about a year an a half, and I can say that I am consistent (considering the “Of The Day” format I don’t have much choice lol).

    But like you I love discovering new WordPress websites, and going back over some of my old posts, specially the WordPress websites of the day feature I notice a lot of have changed either for better or the worse, or have completely disappeared.

    Honestly I haven’t put half the time in my WP blog than I do in my others, but as most bloggers I have dreams and visions of where I want it to go :)


  5. Adam W. Warner

    In the early days of WP Modder I tried to report it all, every day I was learning something new in the WP world and I wanted to share immediately. It soon became a time suck and I found myself not being able to move forward with developing sites (which was my goal with WordPress).

    I learned after some trial and error that my niche in the WP community is to provide help and tutorials for specific types of users, people newer to WP and web development in general. It’s my passion and I enjoy helping others as I’ve been helped through the years.

    Whether or not a site about WordPress is great is subjective and I think there’s a lot of room for individual niches. I enjoy the Tavern posts and news and I hope you continue to refine and adapt your passion:)


  6. Ipstenu

    @Jeffro – Now that I found my free time again. I meant that as a good thing, you know. That every site can be boiled down to your five great tips to running a wordpress site. A wordpress community site :) If all there was to blogging was writing great content, this would all be so flippin easy! But it’s not, and that’s something that’s hard to get through everyone’s head.


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