1. Andrew

    If you have five quality posts every day then bring em on! I’ll read them.

    Andrew’s last blog post..WLTC Plugin Competition: Live Blogging Plugin


  2. Chip Bennett

    I’m with Andrew; I don’t understand what the problem is.

    Just publish good content, when it’s ready. If people don’t want so much RSS “noise” then they can just change the update frequency in their feed reader.


  3. Ryan

    Keep the posts coming. The more content the better, this is a serious problem with blogs in general IMO. Imagine if a major news website limited itself to two news items per day!

    There is a lot of news in the WordPress/Automattic world and I’m sure you could push it to 20 posts/day if you had enough contributors.


  4. Dave

    There is no such thing as too much good content.

    However, I can understand the concept of ‘digest’ type aggregations – some people like to keep lists (inboxes, or feed lists, etc.) clean, or reduced to a summary type level.

    I think it is more an organization thing.


  5. Jeffro

    @Andrew – I try to make every post something of quality. Doesn’t always work but when I publish something here on the site, it’s usually because I have something to say.

    @Chip Bennett – This is true. I’m also a fan of quality versus quantity. At least the email daily digest is there for those who want it.

    @Ryan – Exactly. There is so much happening in the WordPress community that I could sit here 8 hours a day writing about stuff and not run out of content. It’s coming up with great things to add to the conversation which is the hard part.

    @Dave – Well, everyone’s definition of good content is different. I don’t think every post published on this site is good content. Like you said, the daily digest does offer a nice way to organize the post activity on this site. Plus, getting a daily digest through email is more accessible than a feedreader since email can be accessed and used in more places and on more devices than a feedreader.


  6. Scott Mc

    I say keep up the good work. As in an earlier comment, theres no such thing as too much good content!


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