Andrew Nacin – One Year Later

Andrew Nacin who many in the WordPress community know as a house hold name by now has published a retrospective post into his first year heavily involved with WordPress development since his first patch was submitted. One of the most encouraging lines within hist post is the following:

I’ve learned what it means to have an opinion without having a personal agenda.

Not only does Andrew tell us what it’s been like for him to be a part of the WordPress development community the past twelve months, but we also find out that he is writing the core contributor handbook which may be ready by the end of this year. Also for those that don’t know, Andrew Nacin is the technical editor of the new book, Professional WordPress Plugin Development which I talked about with Brad Williams during episode 105 of WordPress Weekly. Andrew is one of those people who constantly makes me wonder, how does he do that? Personally, I think he has some robotic DNA within him but who knows.

The bottom line is, thanks to his incredible amount of time devoted to the project, WordPress is better because of it, minus the capital P dangit filter. From me to you, thank you Andrew for your commitment to the project and helping my install of WordPress to perform better.



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