WPWeekly Episode 352 – Capital P Dangit and My Future Plans

*Update* The previous mp3 attached to this post inadvertently ended around the 31 minute mark. I’ve reuploaded the episode and corrected the problem. The full episode is attached below.

In this episode, John James Jacoby and I share what’s new in WordPress 5.2, discuss why not capitalizing one letter can make or break someone in the WordPress community, and what’s new in Jetpack 7.3. We also highlight the highly anticipated release of Advanced Custom Fields 5.8.0.

Near the end of the show, I describe what I’ve been going through the last few months and what you can expect from me going forward. In short, a variety of audio content.

Stories Discussed:

WordPress 5.2 “Jaco” Released, Includes Fatal PHP Error Protection and A Recovery Mode

Registration for WordSesh 6 Is Now Open

New Membership Block Coming to Jetpack, Site Health and Debug Info Added to Version 7.3

Advanced Custom Fields 5.8.0 Introduces ACF Blocks: A PHP Framework for Creating Gutenberg Blocks

WPTracSearch: An Elasticsearch-Powered Search Interface for WordPress Trac Tickets


Transcript of EPISODE 352 – WordPress Weekly

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Next Episode: Wednesday, May 22nd 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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4 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 352 – Capital P Dangit and My Future Plans”

  1. I’m not able to listen beyond about 31 minutes. I’ve tried downloading the episode again in my podcast player, streaming it, and now listening from this page and they all seem to stop at the same place. And if you look at the duration shown on this page it is showing 31:18 even though it shows as 54:09 in other places. Is it possible to re-upload the file so we can get the full show?


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