1. Julie Kuehl

    I’m not able to listen beyond about 31 minutes. I’ve tried downloading the episode again in my podcast player, streaming it, and now listening from this page and they all seem to stop at the same place. And if you look at the duration shown on this page it is showing 31:18 even though it shows as 54:09 in other places. Is it possible to re-upload the file so we can get the full show?


  2. Ross Wintle

    You mention a cute cartoon Wapuu health-check plugin. This was created by Kayleigh Thorpe of UK-based 34SP.com (I’m a friend, but not directly afilliated) and you can find it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wapuu-dashboard-pet/


  3. Gennady

    Hi! Really enjoying your podcast, thank you! 📻 Are you planning on adding it to Spotify by any chance?


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