Registration for WordSesh 6 Is Now Open

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Registration for the sixth installment of WordSesh is now open and thanks to Pantheon, those who attend the conference live will be able to watch all of the sessions for free. WordSesh is a virtual WordPress conference with speakers from around the world sharing knowledge.

This year’s event has 14 speakers with topics that include, the benefits of being the first to market with a Gutenberg user course, three ways to embrace the entrepreneurial roller coaster, and the rhythms of remote teams. Ten of the presentations will be live with four pre-recorded sessions.

WPSessions will transcribe each presentation live and will also store the recordings so that registered members can view them at a later date. There will also be a virtual hallway track where participants can network with each other.

If you’d like to watch with a group of people in the same physical location, WordSesh has a list of watch parties that are taking place.

If you’re hosting a watch party, you’re encouraged to contact WordSesh with the details so your event can be added to the list. WordSesh 6 begins May 22nd at 9:30AM Eastern on Crowdcast.



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