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  1. Miroslav Glavić

    Middle East is not a continent, unlike Europe and Africa. Middle east is just southwest asia. So both Wordsesh EMEA and APAC cover Asia. Also Pacific…covers Oceania. Another continent.

    I wonder how it will affect the “freeness” of Online events when we go back to in-person event. Isn’t it like $20 per day for WordCamp costs?

    For me, as someone that lives in Toronto, Canada….to go to Porto for a WordCamp…I would have the following costs:

    Taxi/bus transportation to Toronto Airport
    Toronto-Lisbon flight
    Lisbon-Porto flight
    Taxi/bus transportation from Porto Airport to Porto.
    Hotel/AirBnB for whatever amount of days.
    Meals, obviously more expensive than at home.
    Taxi/bus transportation from Porto to Porto Airport
    Porto-Lisbon flight
    Lisbon-Toronto flight
    Taxi/bus transportation from Toronto Airport to home

    This doesn’t include that at Lisbon Airport, I might have a meal, depending on on long my wait is for the flight to Porto. Same for the way back to Toronto.

    With the whole online/streaming/zoom/webex/etc…I can stay at my work office, or my home office. Heck, I don’t even have to put pants on.

    With not having to get lunch/dinner/catering, not having to rent out rooms/halls…etc…the current situation means less costs for everyone, not just organizers.

    I personally prefer in-person but a lot of people look at the nice pros of online events and ignore the cons of online events.


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