1. Mercime

    Hi Sarah. Thank you for mentioning the 2015 BuddyPress Survey. Looking forward to what the results will be :)


  2. Marcel Gansevoort (@wpjournalist)

    Hello Sarah, Thanks for the article and i noticed you know a lot about Buddypress. I’m curious how succesfull Buddypress is and how it’s evolving the last years to a powerfull plugin to build communities. And what are succesfull examples at the moment? And can these communities build with Buddypress compete with the big social media platforms? Maybe you can write in future an article about this? That would be fine!


  3. Joe

    Like Marcel, I’d be interested in reading a little more about BuddyPress. I’d probably already be using it if WordPress.com supported installing it, but my one use case where I *think* it might be perfect is one where I don’t want to set up dedicated hosting (and the ongoing maintenance that requires).


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