1. rahul286

    Glad to see this. :-)

    As a developer of rtMedia, we wished buddypress-core support for attachments, privacy and better activity stream component for long time.

    I hope these features will make into core soon. :-)


    • Sarah Gooding

      Do you plan to continue development on rtMedia if a new media component is added?


      • rahul286

        Sorry for delayed reply. I missed reply notification. :|

        If BuddyPress gets a media component, we will try our best to use it as a base for our rtMedia project. We always try to reuse WordPress core/libraries. If needed, we will code a migration tool for rtMedia users to move their data to buddypress core media component.

        It might reduce need for rtMedia on many sites but then goal of rtMedia will be revised to deliver features that will not be present in core media component.

        rtMedia has undergone many changes in last 5 years. We will be happy to change again if that is good for users. :-)


  2. johnnymestizo

    Great to see Buddypress constantly reiterating!


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